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Dani Menkin

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Dani Menkin (דני מנקין) is an Israeli Award-winning Filmmaker, director, screenwriter and producer.

Menkin's professional career began in 1994 when he joined the Israeli Sports Channel (Sport5) as a reporter. He later moved to Israeli channel 2, where he covered the Sports Section in the popular program "HaDaka ha-91" with Yoram Arbel.

Between 1998 to 2004 he directed articles for the investigative program "Uvda" with Ilana Dayan. In 2001, Menkin worked in a series for National Geographic Society.

During those years, Menkin was Director Supervisor for the Israeli cult film "Hochmat HaBeygale(The Wisdom of the Pretzel) working with the director Ilan Heitner.

In 2005 Dani was awarded the Israeli Academy Award for "39 Pounds of Love" The film was written, produced and directed by him, and has been sold to HBO. It was also was short listed for the 2005 Oscar's "Best Documentary" category.

His latest feature film "Is That You?" (2014) found critcal success at Hollywood, Montreal, Haifa and Syracuse Film Festivals, the 28th Israel Film Festival in LA, and the Jewish Film Festivals across the US. It has also won "Best Indie Film of the Year" award (2014), and has been nominated for the "Best Film of the Year" award (2014) by the Israeli Academy. 

Dani Menkin's award winning film "Dolphin Boy" (2011) won among several nominations and awards, the "Jury Mention Award" at the Jerusalem International Film Festival. Menkin directed and produced the documentary film along with Jonathan Nir. The film was shown on many networks, sucha as the French-German Arte and British Channel 4. "Dolphin Boy" was sold to over 20 countries around the globe, and has been bought by Disney for adaptation.

Menkin wrote, produced and directed the award winning film "Je T'aime - I Love You Terminal" (2010). The film has participated and won International Festivals, including "Best Feature film" award at Houston International film festival. 

Dani is a speaker at some distinguish panels over International Festivals around the world, as well as a juror and film professor in American and Israeli Universities and Colleges.


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